Fnatic vs. KRÜ Esports showed EMEA's dominance

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The VCT Masters: Reykjavik kicked off with EMEA's Fnatic and KRÜ Esports brawling it out in their first-ever LAN matchup. Fnatic started strong with a 10-3 scoreline on the first map Haven(KRU's pick) and ended it in style with a 13-5 score line. KRU was seen to be taking notes from EMEA's best team Liquid in their agent composition on Haven but it did not work in their favour.

Although, the pistol round kings- KRU, popped off in all the pistol rounds, were heavily dominated and outplayed in the second map Icebox(Fnatic's pick) too. Fnatic closed the first half at 10-3 and ended the match at 13-4 scoreline.

Fnatic's Derke dominated the entire series boasting a 364 combat score and dropped a 40 bomb across both maps with a +14 K/D. On the other side, Mazino dropped 26 kills across 2 maps with a 232 combat score and -1 K/D.

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The next matchup is NA's Version1 vs Japan's Crazy Raccoon and Fnatic will play NA's greatest hope Sentinels tomorrow in the upper quarterfinals while KRU Esports in the lower bracket.

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