NA's new hope Version1 stomps Crazy Raccoon

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The second match o the VCT Masters 2: Reykjavik had NA's Version1 acing Japan's Crazy Raccoons for a chance to enter the upper quarterfinals.

The first map, Ascent(CR's pick) was a pretty close matchup with Version1 barely winning the first half at 7-5 and finally edging out Crazy Raccoon with a scoreline of 13-11. Crazy Raccoon showed a pretty good fight but it just wasn't enough even when Version1 was playing with a stand-in(jammyz instead of wippie) due to VISA problems.

The second map, Icebox being Version1's pick was very close too. It looked like both these teams are on the same level and it really boiled down to which team made more slip-ups! Version1 won the first half(9-4) and in the second half, it seemed CR to be making a comeback! But unlucky them, V1 closed the map at 13-10.

Even though V1 won, CR Munchkin won the people's hearts and the match MVP too. He managed to get a 266 combat score with 45 kills to his name whereas, V1 penny was the team MVP with a 257 combat score and 45 kills too.

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The next matchup is Nuturn Gaming vs. Sharks Esports and tomorrow, Team Vikings is going head to head with X10 Esports, Team Liquid with Version1 all fighting for a spot in the upper bracket quarterfinals with the losers entering the lower bracket to join KRU Esports.

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