Fortnite on Android is available to all!

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So, Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite on android device will be available to all supported devices.
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Basically, it means that from now on, no invitation is required. It is open to all now. As long as your Android device meets the requirements, the game can be easily downloaded from their site. Just go and scan the QR code on their page and download it. It was launched back in August for only Samsung Galaxy devices but now it is open to all.  So those of you who still didn't play Fortnite, then go and try it out. It has its own installer too, so if there is any problem with your Android device then the installer will report you.

  • OS: Android 8.0(recommended) or higher, 64 bit
  • RAM: 3 GB or higher
  • GPU: Adreno 530 or higher, Mali-G71 MP20, Mali- G722 MP12 or higher

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