Fortnite Streamer Faze Jarvis Permanently Banned by Epic

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Popular Fortnite YouTuber streamer Faze Jarvis has been slapped with a permanent ban from playing the game as he was caught cheating by using aimbots. Jarvis had posted videos where he allegedly used aimbots (which accurately shoots down the target) and creates an unfair atmosphere in the game. Jarvis In his apology video agreed that it was "completely wrong" on his part to do so and said that he did this only to entertain his viewers he also said that he didn't know if this act of his would lead to a ban.

Well, it's not Faze Jarvis, but even other streamers like 'The Fortnite Guy' think that a permanent ban was a tad too harsh on Jarvis as other players who were caught indulging in such acts in some pro tournaments got away with just a temporary ban and were even allowed to compete in the Fortnite World Cup. So people think Epic is being partial.

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But when you look at Epic's "zero-tolerance policy" which strictly forbids the use of any cheating software as it thinks that such things will leave players in frustration when cheaters ruin their overall game experiences.

And we all know that cheating in esports is not at all fair just like it is in other sports. aimbots and other things rob diligent players of their gaming experience.

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The pro players Jarvis were cooperating with rivals instead of rightfully fighting them off while modifying the game itself.

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