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Kalahari map is the newest addition in the Garena Free Fire. As players are still figuring out their tactics to be used in this map, many of them are still busy exploring the map. We are here to unleash 5 Exclusive Facts About Kalahari Map that will help you to understand the map better. This will help you to gain an advantage over your opponents.

Size of Kalahari

kalahari map

The most important thing that you need to understand about the Kalahari map is the size. Being the smallest map of the game, it requires special techniques. Unlike Bermuda or Purgatory, it lacks cover at several places. Thus, players need to be really quick in the open fields and keep an eye on the surroundings. Otherwise, you will become an easy target roaming in the open area.

Kalahari is About High Ground

kalahari map

To compensate the less cover opportunities, the developers tried to add large mountains. This defines the game in three dimensional scale for the players. You will have to even look for the enemies below and top of you.

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These high grounds provide a prominent region for the snipers. You can easily get a vantage point on some of the highest locations in the map like submarine.

Based on Real Location- Kalahari Desert

kalahari map

This map is inspired from the famous Kalahari Desert in African continent. This area is barren but receives some glory during spring time. Not only this, Kalahari map features some locations that used to be submerged under water in ancient time. These structures include a wrecked ship, giant skeleton of a creature and a submerged submarine. Players enjoy to have a realistic experience in the map.

Hiding Places on Kalahari

kalahari map

After the release of the previous two maps, Garena tried to correct some mistakes and modify this new map into some unique piece. You can easily camp on some of the dead spots like the top of the refinery, top of the council hall and many more. This will help you to conduct a surprise attack on your opponents.

Kalahari Has Least Named Places

Being a small map itself, there were not many opportunities to name the regions of the map. There are a total of 13 named places around the map, the lowest in the game. You can still find several clusters of buildings and land with your squad. No matter where you drop, you can get decent loot and get ready for a fight.

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