PUBG Mobile: New Gun in Season 15?| Leaked Updates in Beta Version

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The latest beta version was just launched featuring the new improvements coming in PUBG Mobile. Many new things would be coming soon and we are trying to get much information out for you. Recently we come across a new gun that is expected to get released in Season 15 of PUBG Mobile.

New Weapon in PUBG Mobile

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It has been like a trend to release new guns in the game every season. The ongoing Season 14 came with a killer SMG- P90 that got a lot of appreciation from the community. As we approach the next season, a new gun is going to be added in the game. Now the question arises that what type of gun is this? What ammo will it take? What will be the damage? All these answers are hidden in this post, let’s find out!

M1014 (Benelli M4)

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The developers are planning to introduce the semi-automatic shotgun M1014 in the game. It originates from Italy and is officially recognised as Benelli M4 Super 90 by the army. This might be termed as a shotgun, but it is quite sharp and long-ranged as compare to other classic shotguns. Two barrels in the gun will help to create a double shot impact on your enemies. Who knows it might be a cousin of the legendary DBS.

Download the Beta Version 1.0 Here!

Range and Ammo

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As already mentioned, this is an advanced semi-shotgun. So, you might be able to deal damage in a radius of about 50 meters. Also, being a shotgun, it will use the 12 gauge ammo in the barrels and is about 470 mm long. However, the reloading time and bullet speed are not yet disclosed.

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Releasing News (Season 15)

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It is important to note that developers have not confirmed anything about these rumors. But we can expect it in the coming update as it is added in the beta version. The game might witness M1014 in the near future. Who knows, it might get launched in the Season 15 that is going to start somewhere in September.

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