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Free Fire is already making its way with Season 26 Elite Pass ‘Rampage II: Uprising’. As the players are enjoying the current season, internet is already flooding with the next season updates, Season 27.  We will be getting the new season on 1st August, 2020 and as always, it will be put on pre-order prior to the release date.

Every season in Free Fire consists of an Elite Pass and a Free Pass. To get the luxuries of the Elite Pass, you have to spend a considerable number of gems. These rewards are exclusive for the Elite Pass holders and are only available until the season ends. On the other hand, Free Pass is available to all the players, but only have a couple of rewards.

We couldn’t stop ourselves from bringing you the Elite Pass and the Free Pass rewards for Free Fire Season 27. Make sure to read the full article to get the complete information.

Free Fire Season 27 Elite Pass Rewards

0 Badges- Casual Jacket- Each season players are given the same jacket, with a different colour.

10 Badges- New Ice Blue Katana Skin

15 Badges- Blue Flare Car Skin

50 Badges- Elite Pass Female Bundle- A short Kimono with contrasting colours

80 Badges- M1873 Skin- This gun would be receiving its first ever skin. But the skin lacks some additional attributes

125 Badges- Grenade Skin- It resembles the Porcupine Fish

150 Badges- New Loot Crate- You can convert your enemies into a golden ship

165 Badges-Surfboard Skin- It is like a ship lunger

200 Badges- Bagpack- You will get a complete fruit basket on your back

225 Badges- Elite Pass Male Bundle- A complete samurai look on your character

free fire season 27 male set

Free Fire Season 27 Free Pass Rewards

40 Badges- Blue Jacket- It comes with a matching yellow scarf

110 Badges- T-Shirt- Looks good on both male and female

200 Badges- Bagpack- Quite simple as compared to Elite Pass Bagpack Skin

You can definitely expect these rewards in the coming season. Do let us know in the comment section about your excitement for the Free Fire Season 27!

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