Zero Hour: A hardcore tactical FPS game made in Bangladesh

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The studio behind Agontuk(M7 Productions and Attrito) is back with a big banger, Zero Hour, a hardcore tactical fps game that they are catering to fans as a game from competitive FPS genre. This is the studio's debut in the competitive multiplayer FPS genre.

Zero Hour Tac Shooter: Release Date, System Requirements, Trailer, and more

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Zero Hour is a 5v5 competitive tactical FPS game with highly team-focused gameplay that will take place in a variety of fictional locations in Bangladesh with a heavy emphasis on Resource management & Real-life scale. The game is releasing on the Steam store on an early August 2020 release date.

Here is the official reveal trailer that came out on 12th July 2020 :

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Zero Hour brings a grounded 5v5, group versus group, Close quarter battle understanding to the game that centers around two groups with every player having their roles. The aggressors(attackers) using shields, weapons, and the arranging table and the terrorists(defenders) using traps and contraptions to strengthen the region.

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Toward the beginning of each round, the MS-09 Unit (The Attacking Team) can think of measures by communicating in the Planning table with a 3D small form of the area being played like a little simulation. It is used to guide partners where to go or potentially advance from. There are 3 types of markers that you can put around the table which can mark threats and targets. During this stage, The Terrorists (The Defending Team) will be offered time to put traps and contraptions to help them with their defensive strategy.

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The two Teams have assets that they have to oversee per 3 rounds. The Attacking Team has 2 arrangements of 5 sorts of weapons while The Defending Team has 5 arrangements of 5 kinds of contraptions. This is significant regarding sparing your assets, getting and using your adversary's weapons, and not giving a bit of leeway to your adversaries.

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The Hostage will be held captive by the terrorist(defenders) will have its mentality which implies that the hostage may flee if not cautious. This shows it is basic to watch out for the hostage and move it around any place a player feels vital.

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To bring a practical methodology, the doorways help in empowering slow and strategic gameplay interaction. It would make the two groups delay before going into a room since it will be unaware of recognizing what's happening behind the entryway.

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The switch causes a total power outage of the entire activity fabricating that you're playing on. By doing this, the players won't have the option to visualize their environmental factors except if they utilize the strategic electric torches, which are also going to make them vulnerable as the other players could see them coming from miles away.

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Full System requirements for Zero Hour have not been disclosed yet, so continue following us for the most recent updates. Meanwhile, you could show your support by adding Zero Hour to your Steam Wishlist.