Gambit Esports defeat SuperMassive Blaze to win the EMEA Challengers Playoffs

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Gambit Esports defeat SuperMassive Blaze to win the EMEA Challengers Playoffs: Gambit Esports defeat SuperMassive Blaze in a 3-1 victory to win the EMEA Challengers Playoffs.

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The Gambit Esports and SuperMassive Blaze matchup was an amazing series that went on up to four maps! Except for the second map, Split, all the maps were won in an absolutely dominant fashion. Let's take a look at this amazing Grand Finals:

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SuperMassive Blaze dominated the first map, Ascent by winning the first half with a perfect 12-0 victory! The team never looked this strong before. SMB closed the map with a 13-1 victory. russ, Izzy and Brave of SuperMassive Blaze all managed to get an ACS above 300 on Ascent. Gambit won the second map, Split with a close 11-13 victory. Both the teams looked well versed with their strats on this map.

The third and the fourth map, Bind and Haven were where Gambit Esports showed the entire world that they are a force to be reckoned with! Gambit won the map at 5-13 and 3-13 scorelines respectively. Gambit nAts shined on both these maps with +8 and +14 K/D differential respectively.

GAMBIT nAts was the match MVP with 64 kills and 240 ACS while SMB Izzy was the team MVP with 50 kills and 205 ACS.

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