DEADEYE Valorant: Everything we know about Valorant's new agent 18

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DEADEYE Valorant: Everything we know about Valorant's new agent 18:

Update, 27 Sept. 2021: Valorant teases Deadeye in the latest State of the Agents episode

DEADEYE was teased in the Valorant's Year One Anthem cinematic which was released on June 21 2021 to celebrate the game's one year anniversary. We got glimpses of mirror verse/duality in some scenes where people were seen to be interacting with the mirrored Earth's population. Riot Games has tried to merge the game's lore especially mirror verse in their media with this cinematic. This was also confirmed by Cynprel // VALORANT Lore // Art in his discord server.

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Note: Want to know more about the mirrorverse and dual Earths? Check out our breakdown on the Duality Cinematic Trailer.

Agent 18: DEADEYE Valorant

During the cinematic, a photo of the agent, DEADEYE was seen when he is holding his gun on the walls of an avid Valorant player's house. The name DEADEYE seemed to be carved on it. The gun is not at all similar to the guns we see in the game. This gun may have to do something with his ultimate ability.

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DEADEYE's connection with Sova

Deadeye valorant might be related to sova

DEADEYE also seems to be an expert marksman similar to Sova. His gun may have something to do with his entire ability kit. This is similar to Sova as his bow and arrow is used in his entire ability kit. Both of the agents seem to have marks/scars on their right eye. The agent contract of Sova also has a player title called- DEADEYE.

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One of Sova's lines is "Don't be afraid, I've gone through rift before" hints that Sova might have travelled to the mirrored Earth through the portal where he interacted with DEADEYE. Also, do not forget the fact that all of DEADEYE's scenes/easter eggs were shown in the cinematic after we go inside Sova's eye!

Valorant DEADEYE's abilities

DEADEYE being a marksman might rely heavily on gunplay or at least lineups similar to sova. Just a few months before Skye was released Riot added a new orb in Spike Rush- Twin Hunters. Twin Hunters summoned two hunting wolves which chased down two nearest enemies and nearsighting them if caught. We can say that Riot may be testing the ability in Spike Rush where mostly casual players interacted with it.

Riot Games studied how players reacted to the ability and how they played with and also against it. This is beneficial for both the parties, Riot Games and the player base. This is because it gave Riot the necessary data required to fine-tune Skye's ultimate and also helped the player base to learn how to play around it by giving them a modified preview of Skye's ultimate.

Deadeye Valorant might have abilities similar to golden gun.

In June 2020 Spike Rush mode was update with a new orb, the golden gun orb.

Golden Gun - It is a one-shot, one-kill Sidearm that can only be found in the Spike Rush game mode by capturing the Golden Gun Orb. It's characteristics are:

  • One-shot, one-kill
  • Perfectly accurate at all times
  • Agent moves at knife speed
  • Only has a single bullet in the chamber and 2 backup rounds
  • Kills grant an additional round

If history has taught us anything then the only reason Riot Games has introduced this orb in the game is to see how the casual player base interacts with it. It's safe to expect DEADEYE's ultimate to be similar to the Golden Gun orb. Keep in mind that all this is just speculation and nothing is confirmed by Riot Games.

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This is quite fascinating as agent 18 was leaked even before we got to play agent 17, Kay/O. Riot Games seems to be finally focusing on precise gunplay more instead of agent abilities. Both Kay/O and DEADEYE have their ability kits focused on gunplay or at least lineups rather than just bombarding a bombsite and killing everyone in the line of sight like Jett or Raze. The game is now beginning to feel like more of traditional FPS games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with heavy gunplay instead of Overwatch where abilities are the biggest factor. With the progression of Episode 3 Act 1, we can expect more and more leaks of DEADEYE in Valorant.

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