Gaming startup MPL is Bigg Boss's new presenting sponsor for 2020

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  • MPL is the new presenting sponsor for Bigg Boss 2020 after Vivo pulled out.
  • The Bigg Boss house will have multiple MPL touchpoints to drive consumer connect.
  • MPL is also sponsoring the IPL team KKR.

As announced on September 4, 2020, Gaming startup MPL (Mobile Premier League) has come onboard the Bigg Boss's house as the new presenting sponsor for the year 2020 after Vivo pulled out. Vivo has exited many firms and events due to the growing anti-China sentiments in India, and MPL and other Indian companies seem to be making the most out of it. The new season of Bigg Boss is set to be aired starting from October 3, 2020, and they plan to have multiple MPL touchpoints to drive consumer connect.

India loves to play and this time it’s going to be inside the Bigg Boss house with MPL.

Naveen Khemka, Mediacom

Elaborating on the partnership, Abhishek Madhavan, VP, growth and marketing, Mobile Premier League (MPL) said, "Bigg Boss is one of the most-watched reality shows in India and easily the most popular and most talked-about reality TV show across the country. With a superstar like Salman Khan hosting it, every season is eagerly awaited by millions and promises something new. With MPL expanding into areas like entertainment via its live-streaming and a bunch of video-first features, Bigg Boss was the most obvious choice for us to associate with. We eagerly look forward to this season and hope to cement MPL’s position as a household name through the partnership."

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