Can Viper wall off an entire map in VALORANT? Is this the latest bug after Patch Note 1.07?

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Viper wall or her Toxic screen ability has hogged all the limelight after it was found that after the latest patch, Viper can wall off an entire map.

Viper was always considered as the last tier agent in VALORANT, with the lowest pick rate in the game and her abilities are inferior when compared to other agents, but this new trick can give her a huge boost.

Viper wall

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The Viper Wall Exploit

Normally, her Toxic Screen ability only goes on for a fixed distance before coming to an end and does not cover the full map, but this trick can wall off the entire map. When playing defense in Bind, her Toxic Screen can actually be sent through teleporters, coming out of which the length of the wall tends to reset, while the minimap shows the same length. Hence a player can create a wall from site A, through the teleporter, till the teleporter at B long.

This video shows exactly how to place the screen. Here is a snapshot of the map after using the Viper's toxic screen ability.

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This is a really good technique for the defending side and can also be used by the attacking team once the spike is planted. But this trick has disadvantages too. For instance, it may be an obstruction to Cypher's Spycam or any other scouting ability and might also give the enemy to push through.

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But again, we have to keep in mind that this trick is only possible in Valorant's Bind map, because of the teleporters. We have previously seen other agents get the better out of the teleporters, like Cypher's cage if placed inside the teleporter properly, can keep the door open throughout the round, and Viper's toxic screen is the latest addition to that list.

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