Global Esports Reveals the Final PUBG Mobile Roaster

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There was a lot of news about the Global Esports reveling the final roaster for the PUBG Mobile tournament. They have finally announced the complete list on their YouTube Channel today.

One of the most important Esports Oraganization, the Global Esports was supposed to announce their final PUBG Mobile Roaster that will get featured in various tournaments. The list was decided to come up at 12 pm on 11 December and fortunately there were no delays for the same. A The first leaks were extablished on November 22 when Dr. Rushindra Sinha, the General Manager for Global Esports posted a video on YouTube.

But now the wait is over as we have the final names of the players with along with the in-game names. These players will represent their team in various upcoming tournaments.

Global Esports PUBG Mobile Roaster

Global Esports PUBG Mobile Logo

Dhruv Sangwan as GE SANGWAN

Hritik Saxena as GE DARKK

Aman Jain as GE AMAN

Varad Kadtan as GE BLAEZI

Vinay Gahlot GE ICONIC

A very hearty congratulations to all the players and we expect them to bring glories in various international tournaments. Here is a short interviews with all the players that will be the part of roaster.

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