Skyesports League 2020 will have a LAN event in Delhi?

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Skyesports might just be the first major organization to announce the first Valorant LAN event in India.

Skyesports, the organizer of the ongoing Skyesports League 2020 which features cities instead of professional teams, might be the first to host a Valorant LAN tournament in India and if we go by our sources, Skyesports is indeed having a LAN event in Delhi if all goes well.

Their Instagram story also hints at this it seems. Also according to our sources, Skyesports had a meeting with all the teams where they discussed if having a LAN tournament was possible amid the pandemic.

Skyesports Instagram Story

Skyesports has an ongoing online Valorant tournament where pro players are to make a team based on major Indian cities and they would compete for their city much like the IPL.

The cities in the tournament are Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Punjab, Delhi, Kolkata and Rajasthan.

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The total prize pool for the event is ₹10 lakhs, one of the highest in the pc gaming category.

Currently in Group A, Team Kolkata leads the table with 4 points and in Group B, Team Bengaluru too leads with 4 points.

They are live streaming the entire event on their YouTube channel.

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