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The year is going to end and YouTube released the official data that show the Top Most Viewed Games on YouTube of 2020. A huge achievement for Garena Free Fire to be on the list.

All of you are aware that the year 2020 was not what we were expecting. There were a lot of ups and downs and everyone got very less chances to be happy. If we talk about the online community, there was a huge hike in the number of users and their engagement with various genres. This time, YouTube released a blog where they mentioned all the achievements that they have accomplished this year. Read the full blog here.

YouTube is the most successful virtual platform that serves all over the world and entertains people. It connects the different parts of the globe and you can make create interesting videos. As we are in the last month of this year, YouTube decided to publish its statistics records for the calendar. They claimed that this year was the BIGGEST YEAR EVER for the whole team and the creators.

Today we are going to unleash the Most Viewed Games on YouTube 2020, here we go

#1 Minecraft- 207 Billion Views

Minecraft is Most Viewed Games on YouTube

Minecraft is titled as the most viewed game this year by the YouTube officials. There is no doubt that Minecraft has experienced a huge player base in the last few years. Almost every guy has this game on his PC and spends hours to build their world. There were are total of 207 Billion views as per the data. To just give an estimation, there are only 7.8 Billion people in the World (December 2020). This concludes by the fact that everyone wants to watch Minecraft videos either to learn or just for entertainment.

#2 Roblox- 75 Billion Views

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The first runner is the famous game creation system, Roblox. It is a popular platform that helps you to design your own games and also test games developed by other users. As you can see, there is a huge gap between the viewing of the top 2 games but still, Roblox got a huge audience. The easy to understand user interface makes it compatible with every age group. Kids love to spend time and have some fun making their own games.

#3 Garena Free Fire- 72 Billion Views

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Here comes the most impressive entry in the list of Most Viewed games on YouTube, Garena Free Fire. It is hard to believe that this game is the only mobile game on the list and has made a huge impact on the mobile gaming community. There are millions of fans in every part of the world and the developers are trying to bring out new improvements in the game. Recently they collaborated with Cristiano Ronaldo to feature in the game. Read full story here.

#4 Grand Theft Auto V- 70 Billion Views

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GTA V is the latest part of the most popular series of Grand Theft Auto. Every generation has fans of this legendary game and it has been a milestone in the gaming industry. We can assume that this game is the heart of the list, without being on the top. There are many content creators who stream and upload videos online related to GTA gameplay and other tricks. No doubt in the fact that it has to be on the list of the most viewed games on YouTube.

#5 Fortnite- 67 Billion Views

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There are millions of players who are playing Fortnite on their PCs. This helps it to make up to the list of top 5 most viewed games on YouTube for the year 2020. Fortnite is a great game that connects players to compete in the huge battleground. With amazing emotes and outfits, the users always try to be engaged with this game.

This was all about the YouTube stats for this year. Stay tuned with Gamzo for major gaming updates and the latest news.

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