PUBG Mobile Anti Cheating Report | Suspended 1.5 Million Accounts

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In the latest PUBG Mobile Anti Cheating report released, PUBG Mobile decided to ban various player accounts that were found to be cheating in the game.

PUBG Mobile is the most popular mobile game of this generation. Millions of active players are responsible for taking it to new heights in the industry. The developers always try to keep this game fair and provide an equal chance to all the players to show their skills. Sometimes it is not possible to keep control of all the accounts, especially when the player base is as huge as theirs.

pubg mobile anti cheating report released

A regular analysis is done for all the matches that help in determining the culprits using unfair means to win. This ensures that there is no use of third party application along with the game. To prevent any further problems, they share all this information to inform the rest of the community. Recently, they used their Instagram handle to report all the banned accounts in the past week.

According to the PUBG Mobile Anti Cheating report, they have banned a total of 1,498,044 accounts to be exact between 4th-10th December. This clearly shows that you have to be extremely careful and avoid trying to cheat at the game. In case anyone is found doing such things, the player account will be banned permanently. All the progress and purchases will stand deleted and access to the account will be snatched.

Players were found using various hacks such as

  • X-Ray Vision
  • Auto Aim
  • Speed Hacks

This is a great initiative as it uplifts genuine players in the rankings and makes a better community. If you find someone hacking in the game, you can report it through the in-game Reporting System and it will be checked properly. Stay tuned with Gamzo for more gaming updates.