Google Stadia starts popping up on non-Pixel smartphones

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Google Stadia launched on November 19, 2019. This gaming platform is available on Pixel Smartphones, tablets running on Chrome OS and Chromecast.

From the day Google announced the Stadia gaming platform, it made a clear point that it wants the thing to work on other smartphones as well (Non-Pixel Ones).

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Now Google has reportedly started testing the Stadia platform on non-Pixel smartphones. A few subscribers who logged into their Stadia account from a non-Pixel phone reported that they could see the “Choose where to play” screen. But they could only choose between PC and Chromecast Ultra.

Stadia was found to be allegedly running on an e-book reader as well.

For another set of users, on logging into their Google Stadia accounts they found a “This screen” option that allowed them to play a game. However, this option would only last for one session. Users could not exactly predict or ascertain the number of times the new screen option appeared on their smartphones. With this being the case, Google seems to be running randomized tests across various non-Pixel smartphones on a trial basis.

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This is to maybe check out how different games fare on random smartphones.

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