11 PUBG Mobile Facts That You Need To Know

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PUBG Mobile is one of the most trending games all across the globe. There are scores of users playing PUBG Mobile on their smartphones and tablets. Over the previous few months, the revenue and growth of the developing company Tencent have surged to an excellent extent. PUBG Mobile has occupied its area in nearly every smartphone of the globe. The sport pegged by high-end graphics, the idea of maps, weapons, and voice chat is that the topic of debate lately. The most common game comes with facts that are still unknown to the bulk of its users. Here are some facts about PUBG Mobile that you must know.

Fact No. 1

Virtual Bandana is a preferred item in PUBG crates. The sport is thus common that loads of individuals have bought it online at $1000. As of now, the item seldom drops from PUBG crates and is solely accessible with the pre-order PUBG bundle.

Fact No. 2

PUBG has a record of most coincidental players at a time. The record holds for 1,342,857 players – stony-broke the record of Valve Dota two.

Fact No. 3

There is no cash utilized by BlueHole Studios for PUBG promotion. the sport has become known on its own distinctive interface. As per the records, 55% of the PUBG house owners were Counter-Strike: Global Offensive(CS:GO) players.

Fact No. 4

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Killing associate, inappropriate behavior, etc. can end in the short ban which may be for 1 day, 3 days or 5 days. BUT using inappropriate programs, any cheating, bug abuse, etc. may lead to one hundred years ban, sort of a permanent ban. PUBG Mobile moderators have prohibited 30,000 folks in a very single day that conjointly includes twelve pro-PUBG Mobile players. Phew!

Fact No. 5

Ever questioned why PUBG contains ‘Player Unknown’ in between? It's there because ‘Player Unknown’ was the play name of founder Brendon Greene.

Fact No. 6

The number of PUBG Mobile players is quite that of PUBG computer and it's the sole mobile game against which the World Health Organization telecasted advisory on Indian TVs.

Fact No. 7

The idea of Bots was introduced to stay the interest of latest players for a extended run – as bots won’t kill new players in the beginning.

Fact No. 8

Sanhok is relatively smaller in size than Erangel and Miramar. It's ¼ of the opposite 2 maps. Erangel (a map in PUBG Mobile) got its name from Brendan Greene’s girl Eryn (Eryn+Angel = Erangel).

Fact No. 9

Air Drops sometimes occur at the middle of the safe zone.

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Fact No. 10

Every gun in PUBG might have totally different injury, recoil and reloading speed. However, the sport physics is thus advanced that the bullets discharged from a gun over distance losses its power. In straightforward words, rather like in world, gravity plays a job in PUGB that changes guns' physics, once a bullet is discharged it goes down over distance. Moreover, the nearer the target is that the higher injury it'll get from a gun.

A single KAR-98 bullet goes downwardly once traveling 300m.

Fact No. 11

If you win a game while not killing any enemy, you'll incline a tag name “Pacifist”.

Having aforementioned that though each game has an equivalent mechanics, it still created our PUBG facts list, for those that don’t shrewdness a lot of damages a bullet will once targeted to the pinnacle. Well, any bullet that hits the head portion gets 2.5X times injury.

For instance, a gun dealing forty injury to the player chest can injury one hundred on the pinnacle.

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