Want Halloween and Christmas Hats for Free in Among Us? Here's how.

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  • Claim Halloween and Christmas Hats for free
  • How to claim Free Christmas Hats?
  • How to claim Free Halloween Hats?

Among Us: The Game

Among Us is a new game on the horizon and people are really having huge trust issues after playing the games. The game starts with up to ten crewmates in a spaceship, out of which there can be 1-3 impostors. The impostor's job is to slaughter other crewmates while the crewmates' objective is to find the impostors and kick them out of the spaceship, also they have to finish all the tasks assigned to win. The game is now available on IoS, Android, and PC as well.

Hats for free

How to get the Hats for free?

Here is how you can claim the Halloween and Christmas hats for free.

Halloween Hats

  • Open Settings on your device, go to Date and Time and turn off the automatic clock.
  • Change the Date and time to October 29th, 2019 at 23:59 and wait for it to become 00:00.
  • Open Among Us and enter a game.
  • Go to the laptop and use it to customize your character.
  • You will now have Halloween hats to choose from.

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Christmas Hats

  • Open Settings on your preferred device and go to Date and Time.
  • Turn off the automatic clock.
  • Change the date and time to December 25th, 2018 at 01:49.
  • Create a game and approach the Laptop.
  • Press customize and you should see Christmas hats to select

If after following the procedure, you still don't see the hats, you may try restarting the game or the device.