Hitman 3 Virtual Reality experience is out of this world

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Hitman 3 Virtual Reality experience is portrayed from the developers' point of view in a Youtube video and the details we got are just spectacular.

The small details that are going to drive you away

Hitman 3 Virtual Reality: Shooting experience

You will be having personal guns with ammo limitaions, not like other games. Also, one of the new features of the game is you can fire blindly at corners on your enemies


The storyline also seems so much diverse and there is so much happening around you like random people walking on the road trying to make conversations, small talks of people around you in a party, and many more. Well, what that does is that it makes the game slower and difficult for you.

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The entire storyline is so diverse that you get to visit 20+ beautiful places around the globe with lots of interesting objectives.

Release Date

Hitman 3 Virtual Reality is now officially going to release in January 2021 on both PC and consoles as confirmed by the official tweet below.