Rainbow six siege Operation Shadow Legacy: All leaks and details

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The year 5 season 3 of Rainbow six siege operation shadow legacy is going to hit the test servers in August. Here is all we know about the upcoming season about the operation shadow legacy.

Release Date

The season will first hit the test servers in August for around three weeks and then we will witness the official release in September.

Operation shadow legacy Operators

With every season comes two new operators, leakers have suggested that one of the operators for this season is going to be from another Ubisoft series Splinter Cells. Yes, he is none other than Sam Fisher. Although, he will take the name 'Zero' in the Rainbow six siege.

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Operation shadow legacy

As in the last season, we got Ace and Melusi, the other operator for this season is still unknown. Also, some leakers suggest that Zero is an operator from Season 4 later this year but Ubisoft just cleared all our doubts in heir tweet mentioned above.

So, this is for the first time in quite some time that we don't have precise information about the operators earlier this season. But we are going to witness an official full release of the character on August 16. 11am PDT / 2am EDT.