How to change name in Valorant: Steps to change your name in Valorant in 2021

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How to change name in valorant: Steps to change your name in Valorant in 2021 : Everybody loves a cool IGN(In-Game Name) to name their character/themselves when it comes to gaming. Let's have look on how to set up/ change your name in Valorant.

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A player's IGN becomes his/her second identity in gaming. Every person who has entered the gaming genre has struggled in finding his/her ENDGAME gaming name unless he/she just used his/her real name instead.

I had to change my name plenty of times until I came up with a name I'm currently fond of. The steps to change your in-game name are:

  1. Go to the Official Riot Games' website or just click here.
  2. Login to your account
  3. Navigate to Riot ID section.
  4. Select the Riot ID option.
  5. Enter your new in-game name.
  6. Enter your Tagline if you want to edit it too.
  7. Click on save changes to save your new name and/or tagline.

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Keep in mind that once you change your in-game name or even the tagline, you cannot change it to some other name until a period of thirty days. If you are changing your name then I suggest trying to change the tagline too. A good in-game name coupled with a cool tagline will be worth it!

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