How to change name in Valorant (Valorant name change)

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How to change name in Valorant (Valorant name change): Changing your display name in Valorant is pretty straightforward, you just login to your Riot account, click a few buttons and done. You can also change the tag (the characters followed by # in Ba3a#3333 are tag). You can keep any alpha-numeric word in both your display name and tag, as long as it is not banned by Riot Games.

How to change name in Valorant (Valorant name change)

How to change name in Valorant?

Valorant username and Riot username are the same things. You just have to pick a username on Riot Games' website at it will be propagated to all of Riot's games, be it League of Legends, or Wild Rift. Follow the below steps for Valorant name change.

  • Go to Riot Games' website

    You need to head over to Riot's account management website by clicking here. Login, if not already.

  • Search for 'Riot ID' on the screen

  • Enter your preferred name in 'Riot ID'

  • Enter your preferred tag in 'Tagline'

  • Click on 'Save Changes'

    And done! You can change your Valorant/Riot display name again after a month (30 days).

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