How to complete mission Air conveyor in BGMI?

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How to complete mission Air conveyor in BGMI: With the 1.5 updates, Krafton has added a lot of advanced features and futuristic modes in BGMI. And Air Conveyor is one of those interesting features. You can find Air Conveyor in BGMI in Ignition mode. It is a time-limited mode in Erangel map, with popular locations replaced with advanced centres and futuristic buildings.

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Basically, the air conveyor in BGMI is a launcher, which the player can use for shooting them up in the air. Using the air conveyor, players can travel a long distance in Erangel within some seconds.

How to use Air Conveyor in BGMI ?

To use the air conveyor in BGMI, you have to spot the machine. The machine can be founded in certain locations on the map. You can walk to the machine to find the seat and usability. You can find an option to “Enter” when your character is near the air conveyor. Press it, and you are inside the conveyor. You can change the inclination and direction of the conveyor to reach your desired location. Also, there are high chances of finding enemies near Air conveyor, so be aware.

Where to find Air Conveyor in BGMI?

How to complete mission Air conveyor in BGMI?

This air conveyor is a time-limited feature, available in Ignition mode only. You can play this mode to rank up yourself. Also, these air conveyors are not available in classic matches. There are certain locations where these air conveyors can be founded. Some of these locations are mentioned below-

  • Kaminski
  • Tech centre
  • Stabler
  • Near Hospital
  • Near Novorepnoye
  • Primark
  • Security Center

Air Conveyor Mission in BGMI

A new mission regarding air conveyors is added in the RP section. Players have to ride air conveyors ten times to complete the RP mission. Also, if they face any difficulty while completing this mission, they can use RP cards to complete the mission instantly.

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