[LATEST] BGMI 1.5 Update Patch Notes and More.

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For the past 2-3 days, players are eagerly waiting for the 1.5 version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. In the PUBGM global version, the 1.5 updates have been released with tons of new features, modes, and improvements. Today, Krafton has released a video on their official channel regarding the new features and modes in the BGMI 1.5 update.

Changes in the ranking system

In the new update, the whole ranking system will be changed. New ranks like Ace master and Ace dominator are introduced on 4700 and 5200 points, respectively. Also, three seasons will be combined to form a single cycle, for example- C1S1, C1S2 & C2S3. After three seasons, a new cycle will start.

Glass Windows

In the new update, some of the building's windows in Erangel & Miramar will have glass. This glass could be broken using gunfire, melee weapons or by climbing through them. While breaking the glass in the window, a noise will be created, and the glass couldn’t be fitted back.

New Gun MG3 and changes in M249

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A brand new gun, MG3, will be introduced in the newer version of the game. This gun will use 7.63 ammunition, and the rate of fire can be changed to 660rpm or 990rpm. Note that this gun could be only obtained through airdrops.

Also, M249 will be no longer available through airdrops. It can be founded along with normal loot on the map. In the 1.4 updates, the rate of fire and initial bullet capacity of M249 has been decreased.

New Ignition Mode

A brand new Ignition mode will come into the game, which can be only playable on the Erangel map. Many locations like Pochinki, Georgepool, School etc., have been transformed into futuristic buildings and advanced centers. Also, advanced vehicles and transportation systems like Hyperlinks, Anti-gravity motorcycles, Air conveyors will be added to bring a futuristic look and enhance the user's experience.

Changes in sensitivity

With the new update, now you can set different sensitivities for specific guns in the game. Also, they will be effective while playing Classic and other modes.