Why is PUBG Still Working in India? | PUBG Mobile Banned with 117 Apps | Know How to Play After Ban

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  • Why is PUBG still working in India?
  • Did the game got unbanned?

The most famous Battle Royal PUBG Mobile has been imposed ban recently on 2nd September 2020 along with 117 other Chinese apps due to privacy reasons. The government stated that these apps were suspected to hinder national security. The gaming community was really shocked by this decision as PUBG has a huge fan following in India. But if you still have PUBG on your mobile, you can see that it’s still working. Today we are going to discuss Why is PUBG still working in India?

PUBG Mobile Ban

why pubg still working in india

The game was officially removed from the PlayStore and AppStore after the government decided to ban it in the country. Many players were unable to download the 1.0 update that just got released on the global platform. Previously when TikTok was banned, it stopped working after 2 days of the statement. PUBG too was expected to get the same treatment but somehow millions of players who didn’t uninstall it are still able to play.

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However, some of you are complaining that the game is not working properly on Jio Network or are not able to update the game. Apart from these minor issues, the game is still working fine and you can easily enter the match. There is also not much effect on the match-making time.

Why is PUBG Still Working in India?

There are many theories regarding it as some say that PUBG is un-banned in India after they removed Tencent from their partnership. But the game is still not available on PlayStore in India. The primary reason is that the developers haven’t shut down the servers for India. The servers were up even after the ban and players were able to enjoy their game. Not only this, the developers also assured that they are in a talk with government and try to settle down the issue of information theft.

why pubg still working in india

This shows that the developers don’t want to lose almost 25% of their players and aim to maintain a healthy gaming environment. Government can however still make this game unplayable in the country by blocking PUBG IP addresses from the routing tables.

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The process of un-banning a game takes a lot of time to be successful. If the government is not responding to the fact that the game is still playable in the area, it means there is a slight hope of the game getting back in India. We hope that the game gets clearance as soon as possible and start entertaining the gaming community.

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