Team Secret continue Winning Streak, European Dota 2 teams fail to rise up against the Hounds

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3-0 against Vp.Prodigy in the finals of the OGA Dota 2 PIT 2020 Season 3, Team Secret has proved that they still remain the alphas in the European Dota 2 scene.

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Dota 2 is a complex game, with its complex RnG, the need for foresight, the mechanical skills to pull the predictions off, itemization, hero drafts, individual hero timings and spikes and knowledge of their skills and how they fare against other heroes or synchronize well with them. There are mental aspects of it too, as Dota 2 with its famous toxicity and psychological warfare has changed from a game to something of a cloud of complexity where every move failing to execute or missed is punished heavily.

To add on to these, its a team game, meaning an individual wronging could cost a whole match, so there is also the mental fortitude required to think clearly the whole game and execute them too. Bearing all of these factors in mind, Is Team Secret the perfect team?

The answer is obviously No. However, they have shown incredible dominating performances throughout multiple tournaments and won them. Some tournaments they not only win but lose only around 3 games roughly! Where does this come from?

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The Answer to Team Secret's ever dominating streak

Its simple, they have the perfect formula for drafting and the perfect roster to adapt. Puppey's drafting, if you notice it, is very similar to other teams who have dominated the scene, OG, Team NIGMA etc..

Puppey and Drafting, the killing blow from the start

However, Puppey adapts it to what his teammates are comfortable with, Matumbaman is often given a very heavy late game carry whose power spikes only come when they reach near 5 slots of items, while Nisha is provided with either a mid-laner who would be able to provide space for the carry in case the lane goes awry, or a hero capable of snowballing the entire game once he gets the farm advantage over his lane. The Off-lane is often a very aggressive hero who can shut down atleast one core during a teamfight or has a very heavy team-fight based skill.

Individuality of Team Secret

A very recent example is Bloodseeker. This hero has been instrumental in many of Team Secret and their snowball strategy. It has also shown how strong this hero is, ironically, as a magic damage dealer with his new skill changes to Bloodrage. Both the supports, are flexible, but Puppey as a pos 5 is one of the greediest pos 5 I have seen. He would only come to teamfights if he feels a kill can be secured or that he can exchange kills between the teams. YapzOr, has already established himself as one of the best supports in the game. His team fight decisions being one of the top in the game.

Dota 2 is a complex game which cannot be stressed more often. Hence it leads to very situational executions, itemizations and adaptations of teamplay which often cannot be seen as a pattern. Team Secret's Players have this ability right down in their core. Every one of them gets what they need to do to boost their heroes to their full potential.

Strategies which you cannot pull off without team chemistry

Their Snowball strategy of cutting off farm for the opponent by sitting and farming in their jungle is only one of their fundamental strategies which provides a slow death for their opponents who can only hope a mistake to win the game.

This needs incredible knowledge of Hero power spikes and the ability to execute team-fights to their own advantage. A lot of teams strive towards this but only few can do it surgically like Team Secret. Every team-fight won is only impending doom for the opponent who made hasty decisions or mistakes against Team Secret. Mistakes by Team Secret are always covered by their supports, which is incredible to witness it live in the match.

We have yet to witness what this great team can achieve more in their upcoming tournaments. After all we are all Bitches for good Dota 2. We should also hope for teams to rise up against them as it would be a good break from Team Secret dominating professional Dota 2 players like they are scrubs in pubs.

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