[Leak] Is Riot planning to launch Valorant Mobile soon? Here is the video.

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Riot's tac shooter "VALORANT" is a huge hit among the fans ever since its Beta Version was rolled out. But is Riot coming up with Valorant Mobile now?

We have earlier seen major tactical shooters like Call of Duty, PUBG, and Fortnite being launched on mobile as both iOS and Android versions. But Riot's Valorant is just available for PC for now. But is it going to be launched on mobile soon?

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Valorant Mobile to be out soon?

As of now, if you open your PC in tablet mode and start the game, you might be lucky to be greeted with an unusual screen. Users are speculating that this might be the future UI of the mobile version of the game.

Although users had found out other hints about the mobile version earlier, but just after the recent Valorant patch 1.08 was released, data miners have found out a few lines of code addition that seem to be planned to guide mobile users through the UI. The lines of code as below surely hints at a mobile version of the game, and we cannot be any less excited.

Valorant Mobile

How does the Valorant Mobile UI look like?

Well here is a video in which, we can see a complete different controls and layout.

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But this does not mean that Valorant Mobile is coming soon, it just says that we cannot rule out the possibility of Riot launching the Mobile version of the tac shooter some day in the future. But Valorant's Mobile version will surely attract a huge crowd and will definitely thrive better in the competitive scenario.

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