Leak: Indian Valorant servers are coming sooner than expected in Mumbai

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Devs have already confirmed that the Indian Valorant server will be in by the end of the year and here are all the benefits for the Indian players. But is the release date that far, or is it sooner?

Update: Valorant Indian Servers might be live from October 13, they are currently testing.

Update II: A Rioter has confirmed that Indian servers will go live along with Act III.

Indian Valorant servers

High Ping and Packet Loss

This is something all the Indian Valorant fans have faced and are really tired of facing. Still, they have to play on a Singapore server. High ping and Packet loss really makes it difficult for us to play properly. But this problem will be shortlived as we are soon getting Valorant servers in Mumbai.

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When is Indian Valorant server coming?

On 16th September, Valorant News & Leaks tweeted that "These server locations + URLs got added as strings to the game today, so I think they might be new." With that, he did mention Mumbai along with a few other cities.

VALORANT's Mumbai server

These Middle Eastern and South Asian servers will be really beneficial for players from Asian nations like India and UAE. So, when playing on an Indian server, the game can be played at the ideal 35ms ping, as promised by the devs during Beta, all over India. Though the release dates are not confirmed, this leak is good news for Valorant fans all across India as it implies that we are getting the Indian Valoant servers sonner than expected. Maybe in the next update, who knows?