Valorant Act 3 Release Date out- Everything you need to know.

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Riot devs have announced the ending date of Act 2 of the Ignition Series, and the Act 3 release date. While Act 2 is still on the way, the devs are ready with the next, and here is everything you need to know about the remnants of Act 2 Battlepass, and the start of Act 3.

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Act 1 was a huge hit among the fans and stretched for the first two months after the Beta. It gave us a new Agent, Reyna, along with a new map, Ascent. On the contrary, Act 2 brought just only one new agent, Killjoy, with no additions to the map section.

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Act 3 Release Date

It is known that the devs want every Episode to extend for a period of 6 months and since each Episode has 3 Acts, so each Act must be at least 2 months. Act 1 was from June to August, Act 2 is from September and will end on October 13th. Hereon, they will roll out Act 3, the new Battlepass, and also a new agent.

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Act 3 Release date

So, all the fans have time till the 12th of October to rush and finish the current Battlepass. You can push through by finishing of the daily and weekly missions and reach tier 50. The fans cannot be any less excited for the final act of the Episode, and what all it has to bring with it.

Not much is left of Act 2, now that Act 3 release dates are out. Hurry up and claim everything the current Battlepass has to provide. The new battlepass will surely bring amazing and exclusive gun skins, sprays, player cards, and gun buddies. Players can't wait to find out about the new agent and his/her abilities.

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