Is Valorant down in India? | How to fix easily? | Error 29 for Jio users [Fix]

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  • Is Valorant down in India?
  • Is Jio blocking Valorant?
  • How to fix error 29?

1. Is Valorant down in India?

is valorant down in india? how to fix error 29 jio

At around 09:30 pm on July 1, 2020, several Valorant players started complaining that they were not able to play the game even though the servers were working fine. However, the strange thing here is that not all players were affected by this glitch. They were encountering an Error 29. Error 29 is thrown when your Windows device is not able to communicate with Valorant servers.

2. Is Jio blocking Valorant?

However, after searching about this issue online, we found that only Jio users are facing this issue. So, this is clearly not a problem caused by your device, but the ISP. We further found that Jio has been blocking many other sites and services not just Valorant. And what's more frustrating is that there has been no official statement from Jio's side, neither about Valorant particularly nor other websites. However, we have found out a solution to this. You can play Valorant with Jio. Hang on.

3. There are two ways to fix Error 29 in Valorant for Jio users

  1. Using Google's or other DNS
  2. Using VPN


Make sure that your new setup is working correctly, if it is, cheers! And if it is not working or you are not comfortable doing this or getting some other error, you can always use the comments section below or contact us on Facebook, Discord, or Instagram.

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