[Latest] PUBG Mobile India Partnership with Google in the Future!

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We recently came across the news of PUBG Mobile India partnership with Google. This is the second time the developers have approached another party after Microsoft Azure.

There is no doubt in the fact that PUBG Mobile has experienced several ups and downs in the past related to the ban in India. The developers were forced to bring down the game in the region due to their user policies. According to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the game was accused of leaking sensitive data. Due to the fact it violated the laws in the country, it was removed from the PLayStore. But within a few days, the concept of PUBG Mobile INDIA came into existence. The community was hoping that finally, the government will lift the ban imposed earlier. But there was no positive response from the government.

pubg mobile india partnership news

Moreover, PUBG Mobile's parent company Krafton even joined hands with Microsoft Azure to gain approval. All the publishing rights were taken away from Tencent and given to Microsoft. This step was taken in order to safeguard the player's profile and other personal information. The PUBG Mobile India partnership was successful and everyone was optimistic. But still, MIETY showed no interest in providing any kind of assistance.

PUBG Mobile India Partnership

pubg mobile india partnership with google

Finally, other latest news has recently gained popularity in the community. It is expected that we might be seeing the PUBG Mobile Indian partnership with Google. As we all are aware that Google is one of the largest search engines on the planet. Apart from providing internet services, they also feature some of the best applications and software for game development. The developers will soon talk with the company and find out the ways to make the proposal successful.

Several influencers like Technical Guruji confirmed this fact. He recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel where he talked about the PUBG Mobile India partnership with Google. He also added that all these steps are similar to the one done with Microsoft Azure. This is to gather more confidential certificates from the top companies in the market. After putting a positive image, hopefully the government will allow the game to relaunch in India.

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