Mahi is the new name for Velocity Gaming?

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According to our sources, Velocity Gaming is going to be rebranded as Mahi. The new owner of Velocity Gaming is likely to be Mahi Granites Private Limited.

Update: Former VLT players have announced that their new name is Team Mahi.

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Velocity Gaming is the most successful Indian Valorant team currently, boasting a massive win rate of 93%. VLT has won every single local tournament and it was placed at the third position in the PVP Esports Open Regionals Season 2. What I mean to say is that Velocity has been really successful. But surprisingly, the players and the content creators of Velocity Gaming recently started to tease with lines like, "VLT no more". However, the plan seems to be something different.

According to our sources, Velocity Gaming is going through a change of ownership. Manoj "Sentinel" Kasyap owns VLT currently but the new owner of Velocity Gaming is a private company called Mahi Granites Private Limited. Now you might be confused about what a hardware company has to do with an esports organization. Well, Mahi Granites Private Limited has three directors and one of them is GOVINDARAJU MANOJ KASYAP (the current owner of VLT). So, Sentinel is transferring the ownership to his company.

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Along with the change of ownership, Velocity Gaming is also getting a new name. If our sources are to be believed, the new name of VLT is going to be Team Mahi, or Mahi Esports, or Mahi Gaming. The current roster of Velocity Gaming will play under the banner of Team Mahi starting from all upcoming tournaments.

The official announcement about these changes is expected to be made on December 25, 2020.

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