Why is Mihoyo suing Bilibili, Beyond Banner Leaks via BiliBili, Genshin Impact

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Mihoyo Lawsuit: Mihoyo sues Bilibili, Beyond Banner Leaks via BiliBili, Genshin Impact: Mihoyo has taken Legal action against Bilibili, in order to find 11 different leakers.

Mihoyo has taken Legal action against Bilibili, in order to find 11 different leakers. The news was reported on September 6 by Chinese news sites. The hearings will be happening on September 11.

Mihoyo Lawsuit: Why is Mihoyo suing Bilibili?

Mihoyo and Bilibili as two companies have been working together for years and there is no mutual rivalry between these two. mihoyo regularly organizes its streams of Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact on Bilibili.

However, due to privacy laws in China, mihoyo can't ask Bilibili for private user information directly, it can be revealed only via court. As such mihoyo is using a roundabout way of suing bilibili to ultimately sue leakers.

Mihoyo aims to stop 11 different leakers in total.


Given the seriousness of the situation, Twitter leakers have taken a step back. Although this is happening, a leaker decided to drop one last bomb. Although nothing can be claimed true as of now, they are just rumors. There is also a chance that all of this might be false. Below are all the leaks which the leaker leaked.

Below are leaks leaked on Bilibili, and Mihoyo is suing them

  1. Ayato will be a hydro Claymore Character that can change to sword stance with his elemental skill.
  2. Itto's burst will infuse his weapon with Geo and it will decrease enemies defense by 5% each hit, stacking upto 5 times.
  3. Yae's raw DPS will be at par with Ganyu.
  4. Itto's passive talent collect souls from nearby defeated enemies, increasing his ATK by 1% for each soul collected, max 20 stacks. Casting the elemental skill will consume all souls collected, giving him a decaying shield and summoning a spectral to absorb HP from nearby enemies, healing Itto based on a percentage of his missing HP.
  5. Fuhua's design will be reused in an upcoming Liyue Character.
  6. Chasm in 2.4, there will be a new Dendero character introduced (neither Yaoyao nor Baizhu).
  7. Ayato was designed based on Zhongli.
  8. Yunjin is not a Geo character.
  9. Lantern Rite will introduce a free Ningguang skin, as well as paid Xiao, Keqing and Ganyu skin.
  10. There will be two female characters and five male characters lined up for the upcoming patches.
  11. Ayato's elemetal burst in his claymore form will create a vortex which will that can pull enemies in, and constantly applying Hydro on the enemies. Characters within Vortex will receive 40% hydro DMG bonus.
  12. Scaramouche will not be made playable for the next 1 year.
  13. Chasm prelude will be in 2.3
  14. Gorou's elemental burst will increase nearby party members' ATK by 30% and their elementa DMG by 20%.
  15. Yae's elemental burat will allow her to use both Pyro and Electro elemental energy, the elements will change with each attack, her charged attack will not consume stamina during the duration of her elemental burst.

This is all we know thus far. Note, These leakers who have been participating in Beta Test, or have been sharing leaked info using mihoyo employees as sources. They are from different Data miners, who have simply "read" the data from beta tests.

Mihoyo and the leaks Situation

In case you're unfamiliar with Genshin Impact leaks, these are actively popular among the genshin community as fans wish to know about future characters and events which are coming in the upcoming gacha.

As of now, Mihoyo started fighting leaks officially revealing characters ahead of time. Kamisato Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu were announced officially after the version 1.6 update for version 2.0. Similarly, Raiden Shogun and Sangonomiya Kokomi were confirmed for version 2.1 right after the launch of 2.0.

Thoma is also confirmed as the next character coming in Version 2.2. However, it's only through leaks we know which rerun banners are coming. Hopefully, mihoyo might start announcing these as well ahead of time.

Genshin 2.2 version will be launched on October 13, 2021. Its currently playable on PC, Mobile, and Playstation. A Nintendo Switch version is also in development.

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