Team Secret Valorant roster announced by signing ex-Bren Esports

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Team Secret, an European Esports organisation announced it's Valorant roster by signing ex-Bren Esports, the best Filipino Valorant roster and winners of VCT Stage 3: SEA.

Team Secret Valorant Roster

Yesterday, Bren Esports released their Valorant Roster following inner friction between the org and players.

Team Secret teased their entry into Valorant eSports on Twitter yesterday.

The roster is the same as ex-Bren Esports:
  • Jessie 'JessieVash' Cristy Cuyco
  • Jayvee 'DubsteP' Paguirigan
  • Jim 'BORKUM' Timbreza
  • Kevin 'Dispenser' Te
  • Riley 'witz' Go
  • Gilbert 'Gibo' Sales Jr
BrenRoster 1 on
ex-Bren Esports Valorant Roster

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Circuit Points Retained?

The qualification to Champions, Berlin to be held in December is to be based on the circuit points earned by top teams in the region.

As of now, X10 tops the chart for circuit points in SEA and have 275 circuit points, despite not making it to VCT 3 Masters Berlin. Also, Bren were disqualifed from VCT Masters Stage 3 Berlin following Visa denial.

ex-Bren Esports and Paper Rex are tied up at 225 circuit points. Yesterday, Alexander "Opal" Archambault, the current head for Valorant Esports in Southeast Asia, had confirmed that the team's points will be retained if they form a new team with three of the team's five players (ex-Bren Esports).

So yes, Team Secret now has 225 circuit points and will make it to either Champions or APAC LCQ for the least.

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