Pokemon Go Player battle

Ultimately Pokemon Go will have player vs player mode

Android users have augmented reality games in the past, but it makes the impact on the society only when Pokemon Go came. Upon release, Pokemon Go changed the industry with millions of people upgrading their smartphones just to play the game. It also marked selling out of power banks quickly. Flocks of people would gather in several locations just to catch their favorite pokemon. Battle system was the only thing Pokemon Go fans were missing. There was a demand for the battle system like shown in the comics and animes.
The popularity of the game has gone up and down over the last two years. Major spikes happened due to various updates. However, the trainer battle system may be the biggest spike for Pokemon Go till date. The announcement tells us that “beginning this month” the new trainer battles feature will let players challenge a friend or another trainer at any time. You will need that other players’ “battle code” which is a special QR code that can be scanned.
Pokemon go battle
Once everything is set up, you will assemble a team of three Pokemon and use actual attacks to see who is the better trainer. At the end of the game both the players are given some credits or rewards. However simply picking weaker trainers with the maxed out Pokemon are not allowed. The battle is allowed only when both participants have same Trainer Battle League (this determines the CP limit for the participating Pokemon).
The announcement says battles are “fast-paced and real-time, so don’t expect to wait your turn”. There is a level of strategy with this system. Perfect timing could allow to “deploy a Protect Shield to save the Pokémon from critical damage”.

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Pubg Mobile Lightspeed beta Update

PUBG Mobile has rolled out a new Lightspeed update for users in China. The beta version for PUBG Mobile 0.11 is currently available for users to download and install.

Users can download the APK version of this game to try out the new features. More details have been posted by a user on Reddit. Users can download the APK version of this game to try out the new features. The updates are quite interesting which includes a new map also.

New updates:

  • Death cam is followed after you die
  • New assault rifle MK47 which can be used in all 3 Maps ( Comes with a total of 17 attachment)
  • A new vehicle called “Tukshai” ( auto rickshaw) is coming on Sanhok
  • Erangel and Miramar will have new weather conditions (rain and a snow)
  • New snow filled map(Dihor-Otok) is expected to roll out but this news is not confirmed.
  • A new attachment like laser Sight is also expected along with new animations

Don’t expect this update soon globally, Halloween update 0.9.0 was just released a few weeks back so due to which we think that it will still take some time to arrive. By the looks of the update, it seems like Pubg Mobile is becoming almost like Pubg PC. Probably this update will take more than 2 months to arrive globally.

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