Top 5 Android Games

If you are looking for top android games in the market then this is the right place. Well, we all cannot carry a PC or laptop everywhere to game, but you always have your smartphone in your hand. And these days, some Android Games gives you a console-like experience. So let’s get started.

1.PUBG Mobile

This game perhaps needs no introduction. You join a server along with 99 others. And you have to survive till last. The game really becomes intense at last situation and that’s the fun part. Till now there are 2 maps but soon they will be releasing one more map, Sanhok. This game allows you to adjust your graphics setting so that you can play smoothly. And moreover, it’s a free game.

2. Real Racing 3

If you want a total real like experience in racing then this game is one. The graphics are great and the gameplay is immersive. The simple UI and great physics make the game look even better. The detailing on the car and shadows will be treat for your eyes. You will get a console-like experience for sure. With lots of customizable option, this game is one of the best mobile racing games

3. Asphalt 9: Legends

This game is sure that everyone must have played or heard at least once. You are free to pick your dream car and race against other cars. You get all the top supercars from the renowned brands like Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and etc. There are over 60 seasons and 800 events.  Also, you can create your own online community with friends and race to unlock new features. This is a perfect game for fan of free games.

4. Into the dead-2

This game has over 70 million plus download and is perhaps best survival zombie game on android. This is a story based game and has multiple endings. The graphics look great and the immersive environment makes it even better. It is a journey through the zombie apocalypse and you have to save your family. You have to go far and collect weapons on the way and shoot zombies.

5. Monument Valley 2

If you love puzzle solving game then this is the one. A completely new story with calm music and minimalistic graphics, this game is surely the best in the market. You will enjoy the beautiful scenes and illusions created by moving structures. It is a sequel to the award-winning Monument Valley and this one is more sophisticated than the previous one. You will spend a couple of hours to solve the mysterious puzzle with a story running behind. This game is not free and you have to spend some money on it.

Fortnite to soon get input-based matchmaking

In a state-of-development post yesterday, Epic Games has announced that Fortnite players who use a keyboard and mouse on PS4 will be paired against those using the same control scheme on PC or console.
It means the battle royale game will pair you against players who are using the same peripherals, for example, controller versus controller, keyboard and mouse versus keyboard and mouse.
Input based matchmaking isn’t a part of Fortnite yet. The Xbox One currently has no officially support for keyboard-and-mouse controls.
The matchmaking logic will detect controller input, and group players accordingly. Now, console players with keyboard and mouse input will be grouped up with players on PC, regardless of platform. However, the old rules still apply, in that if you’re partied up with a PC player, you’ll end up in the PC pool for matchmaking regardless of your input device. This is the official language:
If anyone in your party uses a mouse and keyboard on console, you will be matchmade with PC players and other KB+M players (as if you partied up with a PC player).
Epic Games has also announced plans to add some more nuance to matchmaking in order to circumvent unconventional control choices.

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A new Fortnite item on the way

Epic Games has dropped a major hint about the upcoming item. While Fortnite is known for it’s very frequent updates and patches, the new item is likely to be a part of the upcoming v5.30 Update.

Now the ‘major hint’ is coming from Epic Games itself, in a Reddit post, indicating a VERY exciting new in-game item.

Epic’s community coordinator, Sean Hamilton, wrote on the r/FortniteBR forum: “Are you a player on the go? Carry an escape plan in your back pocket with a new item making its way to Battle Royale!”
It’s hard to say what the developer is teasing right now, but with the use of the words “escape plan” and “on the go” have led some to believe that the new item will be the Grappling Hook.

Usually, any new items added to the game will appear beforehand in an in-game announcement screen, but there is nothing of note listed as of now.
Meanwhile, in other Fortnite news, Epic Games has announced they’ll be giving away $1.5m at PAX West.
The next patch update of Fortnite, patch v5.30, is due Thursday 23rd August. Until then, use this extra time to grind any remaining challenges you have.

PUBG Mobile : Season 3 Releasing Soon

Well, this game needs no introduction and PUBG fans are waiting for a new update.

Tencent is very popular and has a very active community when it comes to update and optimization. With 100 million downloads in 4 months of launch(excluding China, Japan and Korea), the game has already proven to be a big, massive hit.
With 7 weeks of Season 2 getting ended, PUBG players are all set for Season 3. PUBG Season 3 is said to release on 22nd August. Players will the get the Season 3 in the form of an app-update.
As Tencent and Bluehole Corporation launched PUBG Mobile Season 3 in home country China, we know a lot of ‘What to expect’ from the game.

PUBG Season 3(China) Inside Look

While we don’t have any news for Sanhok map getting added in the upcoming update, what we have now is highlights of Season 3 from already launched version in China.

  • New Emoticons

While Season 2 gave us some cool emoticons like dancing., Season 3 brings you new dancing emoticon. Besides, 2 emoticons, “Angry” and “Surrender” which were exclusively for Elite Royal Pass will be available for free in Season 3.

  • Flight Direction Arrow and Apple

For all the PUBG Mobile players this is a new feature. While few who played the PC version are familiar with it, players will now be able to see the Path of the Aircraft before the flight takes off. Bored of fist-fighting before take off? No worries, you can now throw an apple and keep everyone away.

  • New Crate

Use your hard-earned Battle Points to unlock new wares from Soldier Crate. New skins of SCAR-L and UZI, following with some new wearable like Aviator Glass, Mask, and Trench Coat.

  • Chicken Dinner Bonus

Everyone loves bonus! When a player wins an intensive, hardcore death battle of 100 players they win “Chicken Dinner”, which you can’t eat it. With the upcoming update, Chicken Dinner can get you to unlock few more Emoticons.
So to conclude Season 3 is going to be awe-inspiring.

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PUBG Mobile Lite: Features and How to Download

PUBG Mobile works almost on every phone, but some unfortunate few older phones might face problems. Tencent Games has come up with PUBG Mobile Lite to heal those players.
This new version aims to work on low-end smartphones. While the lite version has so far only been available in Philippians, Tencent has confirmed that they are testing PUBG Mobile Lite and ‘optimizing it for Indian networks and devices,’ but still unknown when it will launch in India.

Lighter with same experience.

PUBG Mobile Lite Features

When you first power up the PUBG Mobile Lite, the visuals, the login and splash screen are exactly the same, and so is the matchmaking screen.

  • App Size

There’s a huge difference in app size. The size has massively dropped from 1.8GB to mere 338MB. Face no difficulty while installing it on phones with limited storage.
View Image.

  • Low Graphics

PUBG Mobile Lite has been optimized for entry-level phones and old phones with 2GB RAM. The graphics has been set to ‘low’ by default and the setting to change or increases the graphics has been dropped.
View Image.
It is not blemish and definitely playable but the objects and players at a distance will look pixelated and distorted at most times.
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  • Game Modes

The lite has definitely compromised in game modes. You can only play solo, duo or squad match in third-person perspective (TPP) in Classic mode, which are quite satisfactory. While you’ll find missing the arcade or war mode, FPP (first-person perspective), weapon skins, and the Royale Pass.
View Image.

  • Smaller Map

Tencent has changed the dynamics of their battle royale experience in lite version with the introduction of a smaller, new 2*2 km island map, which looks like it’s a part of Erangel.
View Image.
The map is spread across with rich greenery and similar-looking homes, lighthouses, and vehicles, along with limited number of weapons.
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  • Fewer Players

The total-in-game player count has been reduced from 100 to just 40, which means it’s you vs 39 other players. More chance to grab Chicken Dinner, isn’t it? Also, on average the game has been reduced to 10-12 minutes, with a fast approaching blue zone!
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How to Download PUBG Mobile Lite in India

Below are the steps to get the game running in your Android Phone:

  • Download the APKPure App.
  • Search for PUBG Mobile Lite on that app and download and install it.
  • Use a VPN to set your location to the Philippines
  • Connect to a local server to start a match

As for the game to launch in India, we can expect it to happen in the coming weeks as Tencent confirmed that it is currently testing and optimizing PUBG Mobile Lite for Indian networks and devices.