NBK Valorant : CSGO Legend NBK switches to Valorant

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NBK Valorant : CSGO Legend NBK switches to Valorant: Nathan 'NBK' Schmitt has officially switched from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Valorant.

Nathan 'NBK' Schmitt, a 27-year-old counter-strike legend also known as "THE NATURAL BORN KILLER" in the professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene has finally made his decision to switch from CSGO to Valorant. He is the latest professional player to switch from CSGO to Valorant. NBK has established himself as one of the most successful French professional players in Counter-Strike history!

NBK has been a part of many successful French lineups, including VeryGames, Titan,LDLC, EnVyUs, G2 and Vitality. His last team in CSGO is OG Esports where he still showed many moments of brilliance where he made his fans believe that he still got it in him to compete against the best of the best. This was also his first time in an international squad. OG finished as the runner-up in Flashpoint Season 2 in December 2020.

NBK has managed a grand total of two majors in his career. NBK won the DreamHack Winter Major in 2014 with Team LDLC and the DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca Major with Team Envy the following year. He was consecutively voted as the best player from across 2013-15 by HLTV.org (5th in 2013, 17th in 2014, and 9th best in 2015). 

"I have done it all from local LANs to winning Majors, grinded through the ranks, and sat on top of the world,” he said. He then explained that “I lived the big disappointments and the best tournament wins. Counter-Strike gave me everything and I dedicated my life to it. But memories are made to stay in the past. It’s time for a change and I’m coming to dominate (in Valorant).”

This is surely a very sad moment for all the Counter-Strike fans as the list of players who quit CSGO for Valorant is increasing day-by-day and this time they lost a two-time major winner and one of the most prominent and well-known figures in the professional scene.

I'm sure his fans will continue to support him in whichever path he chooses. It is still unclear if he has signed with a Valorant team or not.