Team IND not invited to BGMI Streamers Battle, coach alleges politics

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Team IND not invited to BGMI Streamers Battle, coach alleges politics: To promote the launch of BGMI, a BGMI Streamers Battle is apparently going to be organized wherein many BGMI content creators, streamers as well various professional players are being invited, including Team Soul, Fnatic, and OR. However, Team Insidious (IND), one of the most successful Indian teams, has not been invited for the tournament, as per its owner Krish 'warlock' Kanwate. Vagish 'krantiveer' Sharma, the coach of IND, has alleged 'favouritism and politics' to be the reason.

Team Insidious not invited in BGMI's first tournament

Team IND are one of the most successful team in the Indian PUBG Mobile Esports which fields skilled players like Kratos, Trance, Slayer, Snax and Daljit who cooperatively won the Matrix Premier Cup, Skysports Grand Slam: PUBGM Invitational, Fnatic Lockdown Invitational 2020 and hall of fame through their aggression and tactics. Team IND was seeded in some of the biggest PUBG Mobile tournaments such as PMCO, PMPL, PMIT, PMSC, and PMWL.

Team IND has not been invited despite their notable performances, and this has come as a surprise for many in the Indian BGMI community.

Team IND owner and manager complains about not getting invited

The owner of team IND says, "we have not received the invite for Streamers Battle Showdown despite being organisations in India [sabse purani org hoke bhi streamers battle showdown ka invite nahi aya]".

krantiveer, the coach of Team IND, blamed it on politics and said, "When it comes to invites, I see a puddle of politics being involved ... favouritism and politics just at the beginning of an era of esports"

Please note that even the tournament has not been announced officially yet.