[New Collection] Check out the new Valorant ORIGIN Collection

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Riot Games just leaked their new collection which will be replacing the current featured collection, The Tethered Realms collection from the in-game store in two days.

A Brazilian Youtube Valorant Content Creator, DiegoteTV got an exclusive interview with the Riot Devs and got to check out the upcoming Origin Collection in Valorant. The Origin Collection as explained by the Devs is a mix of the ancient history of the Valorant lore and magic. We could say that this new collection symbolizes those two worlds coming together. The new collection comes with a inspect animation that is never been seen before. When inspecting the guns, they just hover around in air and show their inner machinery by separating each part of the skin above the guns' clip.

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These skins come in four colour variations and have kill and firing sounds too. It looks like Riot Games just takes all the feedback it can get from the community and works on it. The price and class of the collection are not yet disclosed.

The four colour variations are:

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The guns included in this collection are:

  • Frenzy
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  • Bucky
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  • Vandal
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  • Operator
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  • Melee
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You can watch the interview here:

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