Marved Valorant: FaZe Clan have benched FaZe Marved for Match-fixing accusations?

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Marved Valorant: FaZe Clan have benched FaZe Marved for Match-fixing accusations?: FaZe Clan seem to have supposedly benched Marved due to match-fixing accusations from back in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive days.

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FaZe Clan's Valorant roster is almost filled entirely with former Overwatch professional players. Marved came in to provide the team with his experience and possibly teach the team about the 5v5 tactical shooter that Valorant is. Although FaZe did not qualify for VCT Masters 2, they seem to be improving themselves tournament after tournament.

However, FaZe are again facing a big challenge as they now have apparently benched a core player and the IGL of the team for reasons more serious than the game.

Marved along with a bunch of professional players was suspected of match-fixing in CSGO. ESIC and the FBI are currently involved in this investigation. Slash32, whom I suppose is a member of ESIC, usually posts clips of the investigation where he shows the rounds which look rather weird and may demonstrate throwing the game on purpose.

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Is Jammyz replacing Marved in FaZe Clan?

FaZe Clan were in a custom match (scrim) earlier today but Marved was not with the rest of the team, as seen on Sinatraa's stream. Instead, Jammyz had filled in for Marved.

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Jammyz was phenomenal while playing with Version1 in the recently concluded VCT Masters Iceland. After today's steam, it seems that FaZe Clan are counting on Jammyz to fill in for Marved.

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You can watch the suspicious clips of FaZe Marved here:

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