[New Player Cards]Claim the new Ignition and Formation Player cards in Valorant

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Valorant YR1 newsletter has mentioned many rewards for it's community in order to celebrate the game's one year anniversary. Along with the Pride and Duality player cards, Valorant has released two new player cards which will be available from today, 9th June 2021 and 14th June 2021 respectively.

The two new cards are the Ignition and Formation player cards. These cards are based on the previous two acts of the games i.e., Ignition(ACT 1) and Formation(ACT 2).

Ignition Player Card:

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Steps to redeem the Ignition player card are:

  1. Log in to redeem.playvalorant.com
  2. Enter the code YR1
  3. That's it! You'll get the cards in your inventory

Formation Player Card:

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Unfortunately, this card may not be available to redeem in India. This is because it is an exclusive Prime Gaming drop. If Prime Gaming is available in your country then you can redeem it by following these steps:

  1. Connect your Prime account by gaming.amazon.com
  2. After completing step 1, you'll be redirected to this page where all you need to do is redeem the card yourself!
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NOTE: The Formation Player Card can be redeemed only after 14th June 2021.