No plans at the moment for another Ultra skin, says Riot Preeti

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Riot Games are at the top of the skin game, Valorant has arguably the best skins in all of shooter games. Playing with the Elderflame (the only ultra skin lineup) is particularly a sight to behold. Although extravagant, the Elderflame is one of the most popular skins and fans love to have it in their inventory. However, Rioter Preeti has bad news for the fans waiting for another ultra skin lineup.

While discussing about the upcoming Origin skin set, a Reddit user had asked Riot Games' Producer for Premium Content Preeti Khanolkar on whether they plan to make more ultra skins like the Elderflame.

Preeti then replied that there were "No plans at the moment for another Ultra. Skins are hard to make, especially Ultras."

As Preeti said, ultras are hard and take time to make. So, we might not get another beauty like Elderflame sooner, but isn't the wait worthwhile?

Good things take time to make.

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