[News] Virtus.Pro wins CS:GO flashpoint 2020, ends year with a win over OG

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In a very thrilling finals overshadowed by one of the greatest bo5s of the year between Mousesports and Astralis, Virtus.Pro have won the Flashpoint 2020 tournament.

Virtus.Pro have bagged $500,000 and 3000 points on the Blast premier league. The matches were mostly dominated by Virtus.Pro with OG giving hopes to their fans in the second match but ultimately dropped form in the third match and Virtus.Pro took the opportunity to win the tournament.

About Flashpoint Season 2

Virtus Pro flashpoint champions

Flashpoint Season 2 started off at October 12 and ended today. It is an organisation owned league, meaning that the league is hosted by organisations with their own CS:GO teams. Currently the league is headed by Cloud9 and Immortals, both organisations with proper footing in the CS:GO pro scene.

Virtus.Pro's run in the league

Meme about Og and Virtus Pro

Even with the addition of a new member this mid-year, Virtus.Pro have shown themselves as opponents to respect in the server. Virtus.Pro have finally won a tournament as they were struggling to reach the last stage during previous tournaments. Even though most there were not participants in the league, there were opponents who have a higher skill base among the professional teams.
Og have been consistent with their performance throughout the year but did not achieve much in this period of time. The Blast Premier league is a good opportunity to showcase their skills among the top teams in the scene for both Virtus.Pro and OG!