100 Thieves are your Valorant First Strike: North America Champions

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100 Thieves win the Valorant First Strike North Finals.

100 thieves
100 Thieves

The Finals: 100 Thieves Vs TSM

TSM vs 100 Thieves gave us probably the closest match in all of First Strike. This just goes to prove how close both of these teams are. Also add to the fact that the 100T roster is just 2 months old and they win the grand finals, that says something.

Map 1 was Split where TSM was in the lead but 100 Thieves, they managed to take it into double overtime. Also this was the first time 100T Hiko was playing Raze in competitive Valorant. Asuna and dicey both the young guns of 100T came up big and fragged out.

Map 2 Bind was won by 100 Thieves but it was a close. If it weren't for Hiko and his clutches, the round would have easily won by TSM. And in round 16, Asuna took an ace with his showstopper which sealed the deal for 100 Thieves.

Map 3 Ascent, TSM answered back. Subroza, Wardell and Drone all popped off and gave TSM an easy 13-7 victory.

Map 4 Haven, was something else by 100 Thieves. They absolutely dominated TSM. It seemed like TSM was under pressure to win. And that was justified because if they lost this, 100 Thieves wins. However, TSM did succumb under pressure and 100 Thieves dominated them. Asuna and dicey, the zoomers along with the boomers outplayed and outsmarted TSM every step of the way. 100T nitr0 with his clean headshots, 100T Asuna with his aggressive plays,100T dicey with his Operator, 100T steel with his killjoy and game sense and 100T Hiko with his big brain won round after round.

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The First Strike Champions

100 Thieves roster has gone through a lot with 4 of 5 players being replaced by some new and some veterans. That was 2 months ago and they still come out and prove that they're the best in North America. The fact that this roster is so new and yet they dominated teams like TSM and Sentinels just goes to show how well 100 Thieves will perform come 2021.

With 2021 just around the corner, we can't wait for the Valorant Champions Tour that will start next year. Just a reminder that this will be a global event so it'll be exciting to see how each region performs against the other. And while India (South Asia) still doesn't have its own region in the VCT, we hope that there will be a lot of tournament taking place in the region and hopefully Riot Games takes notice and announces a First Strike like event for the same.