Nintendo Files a New Patent for Adding Stylus on Switch

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Nintendo is planning to bring some serious modifications to the Joy-Cons on the Switch. Recently the company has filed a patent for a touch pen or Stylus attachment for the Joy-Cons.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office published the same.

Based on the pictures in Nintendo’s patent, the touch pen attachment actually attaches to the same place where you could place the Joy-Con before. The touch pen works as a stylus and gives away haptic feedback when it contacts the screen. Most of the games on the Switch don’t utilise its touchscreen to a larger extent. It would be wise if the company releases new games that use the proposed Stylus touch pen.

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Nintendo may never produce the touch pen attachment or the stylus at least for now. However, the company could bring these in along with the next generation of the Switch. Just to remind you guys Nintendo could launch the Switch Pro this year.

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