Noble Esports wins Nimo TV Pro Streamer Tournament, bags 2 titles in 2 consecutive days

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Noble India grabs the Nimo TV Pro Streamer Tournament today, thrashing Team Tamilas with a 3-0 score. A tough fight was observed from Team Tamilas' end but the trophy ended up in Noble Esports' favour.

The Season 2 of Nimo TV Pro Streamer Tournament has concluded today, with Noble India being the champions this time. Global Esports had won the previous season. It was a Final of Best of 5 format, where Noble India has snatched all the three maps that were played. hikkA top frags the first two maps, while SSSami takes the third map. It was an incredible show of team-game from Noble Esports.

With psy's Operator Ace and IGL-ing, Noble Esports took the first map pretty conveniently, with a score of 13-4. hikka has been on a top fragging rage. Yesterday getting a total of 56 kills, winning the Playtonia Valorant Warfare. Today he gets 23 kills already on the first map, with Raze as his agent pick for the map Split.

Nimo TV Pro Streamer Season 2 Final Map 1

In the second map, Team Tamilas had shown a tougher performance than the previous map, winning 3 rounds in the beginning, but ultimately losing with a score of 13-7 on Ascent. hikka top frags again with an Average Combat Score of 250. An amazing show of Cypher was presented by Harshhh from Noble India.

Nimo TV Pro Streamer Season 2 Final Map 2

The third map was Haven, where Noble Esports managed to win easily with a score of 13-7 again, winning the Nimo TV Pro Streamer tournament. SSSami top frags with 22 kills on this map, with his favourite agent Jett. It looks like SSSami was a vital addition to the team, as he adapts with the team whether he's playing with a controller agent or a duelist.

Nimo TV Pro Streamer Season 2 Final Map 3

An overview of the Team Performances

Team Tamilas has been a strong opponent no doubt. It seems they perform better when under pressure, as they won consecutive rounds towards the end of a map. I'm sure they'll come back stronger, with Rafaaaa's fearless duelist plays and Stoner's cheeky tactics (which helped him take an ace today!).

Noble Esports now look much stronger than before, they have developed a quite good chemistry among them and are ready to take on the upcoming challenges and tournaments ahead and bag some more for sure! It will be interesting to see how they tackle the other heavy-weight teams of the region.

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