Valorant Patch Notes 1.12 released officially, details inside

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Valorant has officially released the Patch Notes 1.12 today. A small update, focused mainly on the bug fixes and minor changes.

With the previous Patch 1.11 being relaunched after a delay, Valorant manages to release the Patch Notes 1.12 on time. The previous patch had some problems associated with it, thus the developers had it delayed, and was ultimately was re-launched about a week ago. Patch 1.12 features slight bug fixes and errors which one usually comes across as an Observer.

They also added in the note that there's a high chance that the next Patch update is going to be skipped, to make sure everything is on point. Thus they've given us a date - "Dec 8" which is the probable date for the next patch update.

What remains unchanged in this update is the in-game display of Act Rank Badge which had caused some stuttering issues. The devs still need some time to figure out a possible solution associated with this.

Game updates include removal of ping audio issues, improved visibility in certain areas of the map, added more control in the hands of the moderators in Tournament mode, i.e. changing the economics and stats of a player.

The Bug fixes include changes which caused certain confusion to the viewers such as the UI in the lobby, as well as in-game bugs like mid-air weapon drops.

These tiny updates and bug fixes in Patch Notes 1.12, which aren't that necessary, but would be of great help if applied, proves that Riot Games and Valorant listens to the community feedback attentively, and applies changes accordingly. It doesn't only help the players playing the game, but also the organizers hosting various tournament matches and the audience involved in watching those tournament streams.

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