Noble Esports wins Valorant Playtonia Warfare Series, hikkA picks the highest 56 frags

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Noble Esports has defeated FaR Esports to clench the Valorant Playtonia Warfare Series title today. The match seemed one sided as Noble Esports won the first three maps.

The final of the Playtonia Warfare Series was played today, in which Psy and team defeated FaR Esports (now GodLike Esports). The best of 5 setup map was largely a one-sided affair for Noble Esports as they won the first two maps, Haven and Ascent, easily. However, sMx led FaR Esports fought back Split, the last map, but in vain.

The latest addition to the Noble Esports roster, SSSami, took 20 kills in the first map, Haven, and led his team to win the first map 13-4. The second map Ascent too was a disappointment for FaR Esports as they laid it down for 13-3. In the third map Split however, FaR Esports fought back but could not do much as they lost it 13-10. WhiteHorse seemed formidable on the last map though.

hikkA got the highest frags, followed by Psy it the Valorant Playtonia Warfare Series final

Shakir 'hikkA' Razak got picked the highest 56 frags followed by Psy with 48, while sMx and Scarg0d got the highest 34 kills each for their team FaR Esports.

valorant platonia warfare final scorecard
Valorant Playtonia Warfare Series Final Scorecard

17 years old Bangladeshi Valorant pro SSSami officially joins Noble Esports

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