NODWIN to host Valorant Champions Tour in India. But why is Riot not getting directly involved?

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Riot has seemed to be on and off about India's status in its flagship Valorant Champions Tour. Although they have acknowledged the Indian fans on some occasions, India has not yet got a slot. However things are changing seemingly, and India might be finally getting a slot in Valorant's international circuit.

According to a report by IGN India, Riot Games has already selected NODWIN Gaming as its tournament organizer (TO) in India, and it would be officially announced very soon.

Unlike Riot's usual approach, NODWIN Gaming would be responsible for managing everything. To put it simply, Riot Games given just a slot to India and nothing more than that.

It's important to note that Riot Games is keeping a low-profile despite seemingly giving India a slot in the VCT. Out of the many theories, one claims that it is so because of the Indian government's clampdown on the Chinese companies, including Tencent which owns Riot Game. And if Riot is indeed doing so, we might never see them getting involved in the Indian scene directly.

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